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treadmill tempo

December 10, 2010 (Afternoon)

Exercise Type: Run

Weather: indoor

WU indoor track w/ Chi-Chris
23:00 treadmill tempo
CD indoor track w/ Chi-Chris, stretch, cookies in the locker room!

started off at 10.5mph (~5:42/mile) then took it up to 11.0(~5:27) at some point. last 2 minutes at 12.0 (~5:00). no incline probably why I could run this quick, but it was still a good workout.

mileage will be low this week, obviously. but done with finals!! weekly mileage for the rest of winter break is basically how many doubles I do per week. so we'll see how it goes, October showed me I shouldn't be scared of sudden mileage bumps, just listen to the body and it'll be good.

Plan for the next 4 weeks before classes start:
Week 1: 12*400 @ :72 w/ 200jog; 5mile tempo
Week 2: 8*600 @ 1:48 (:72's) w/ 200jog; 2*3mile tempo
Week 3: 6*800 @ 2:24 (:72's) w/ 200jog; 6mile tempo
Week 4: 5*1000 @ 3:00 (:72's) w/ 200jog; 3*2mile tempo

guiding principal behind the track workouts being 72 seconds is 15:00 5k, and lengthening the track workout distance from week to week until classes come back. 12*400 and 8*600 shouldn't be hard, but 6*800 and 5*1000 might be difficult at :72, so those might change to :73 or :74 (15:12.5 and 15:25 5k pace) depending on what kind of fitness I'm in as we get toward the end of break. At the end of break, the 5*1000 w/ 200jog between intervals should be short enough recovery that the pace would be a good predictor for the CMU 5k.

Distance Duration Pace Interval Type Shoes
10.15 Miles 1:06:00
3.0 Miles 21:00 7:00 / Mile Warmup 2Summon 2
4.15 Miles 23:00 5:32 / Mile Tempo 2Summon 2
3.0 Miles 22:00 7:20 / Mile Cooldown 2Summon 2