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November 8, 2008 (Morning)

Exercise Type: Run

Weather: perfect

we fucking won that shit

possibly the best race of my career so far and definitely the gutsiest, ran a chill first mile just like i have all season bouncing around with sean just trying to pace off each other, came through in 5:26 and felt comfortable, stayed toward the mid-front of the lead pack way behind solomon and andrew through the dip and just tried to keep the pace even and stay relaxed, in the top 6 or so by the time we got on the straightaway into the soccer field but fell back a tiny bit going around the field, got some ridiculous ballsy energy coming off the soccer field and threw in a huge surge and moved up to 3rd, sean and alex caught me on the straightaway when i slowed down and we ran 3-4-5 until mid-way through the maze, hit 2 miles in 11:22 and felt aerobically and breathingwise fine but legs were beat, did what i could to stay with alex in the maze and down the dip but lost a few strides on him going up the dip, started sprinting up the dip towards the top and felt completely dead but no one else had anything left either, surged going into the final part behind the backstop and finally started going 110% when pelkey yelled at me with 150m to go, closed on alex at the end but couldn't catch him, 9th place overall, 3rd on the team, i dunno what more i could've done or asked for today, just an all-around crazy solid performance on everyone's part, we earned it, this season was amazing and unforgettable, thank you guys

time to evaluate the season goals:

goal: win counties, regionals, and states
result: won counties, regionals, and states

*we had our largest margin of victory at the state meet (91 points), just over 1/3 of 2nd place's points

goal: stay at no lower than #2 on the team the whole season
result: ended up being a solid #3 for the last 3 meets and i am completely fine with that cause alex is such a beast

goal: 16:40 by/at counties
result: 16:14 at counties

goal: top 10 at counties and regions, top 15 at states
result: 9th at counties, 10th at regions, 9th at states

i'm done with high school cross-country. i met all the goals i could've drawn up for myself as a freshman, and i get to go out while i'm on top. it's been incredible.

Distance Duration Pace Interval Type Shoes
3.0 Miles 17:08 5:42 / Mile   nike zoom miler xc