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treadmill split tempo semi-bust

February 9, 2011 (Afternoon)

Exercise Type: Run

Weather: indoor

WU indoor track, Medium
treadmill split tempo, supposed to be 15:00on, 3:00off, 10:00on all at 11.0mph (5:31/mile) and +1.0incline, then 3*400 afterwards.
ended up being 15:00 @ 11.0mph, 3:00off, 5:00 @ 11.0mph, :30off, 5:00 @ 10.0-10.5 mph all at +1.0incline. then 1*400 and Coach and I decided I was done.
CD indoor track.

I neither felt smooth nor got into a rhythm on the treadmill in the first 15:00, and instead of getting better in the 10:00, it only got worse. Maybe it was because I was looking at a wall and not out the window. I literally imagined the All-Ohio 5k swirling down a drain if I forced myself to maintain at 11.0mph, so I aborted for a quick 30seconds then salvaged the workout. The first of 3*400 didn't feel smooth at all so I aborted.

I think Saturday-race, Monday-tempo, Wednesday-track workout, Saturday-hills, Monday-track workout, Wednesday tempo caught up with me today. This maybe a semi-busted workout, but it isn't busting my confidence.

It doesn't matter because I'm ready to crush anything Ohio throws at me, or run a huge PR if I don't win. How can I be mad if I hit 15:0x and lose? Oh yeah, I can be mad because I missed XC 2nd-team All-UAA, All-Region, the National meet, a victory in the Spartan Relays 3k, and 1 more point in the CMU 5k to seal the obelisk. Winning IS more important than a PR. I smell blood.

Distance Duration Pace Interval Type Shoes
12.3 Miles 1:21:50
3.5 Miles 24:20 6:57 / Mile Warmup 1Summon 2
4.43 Miles 25:00 5:38 / Mile Tempo 1Summon 2
0.35 Miles 3:00 8:34 / Mile Recovery 1Summon 2
4.02 Miles 29:30 7:20 / Mile Cooldown 1Summon 2