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Speed Check

February 10, 2011 (Morning)

Exercise Type: Run

Weather: sunny, warm, great

was running along the street when i passed a guy on a bike, a minute later i noticed he had rejoined me and was riding just behind me on my left shoulder. He was kind of creepy looking and starting to worry me when he came right up along side me and said "you're running about 9mph. That's pretty good!" to which i responded "thanks, around 7 min pace" I could tell he was trying to figure out what i meant as I pulled off onto the trail along the river. hopefully he didn't get hit by a car while his gears turned.

Felt amazing today, really strong and fit. Not strong like I could have been going a ton faster, not strong like i could have gone an extra 3 miles, just strong, it's a hard feeling to express.

ran downstream along the river bank. I must say, i'm pretty lucky to be 2 min from the bike path, 9 from endless miles of dirt trails along the river, and 12 from the only hills in town. couldn't have picked a better apt location if i'd tried.

ups after and then work. I feel great today.

Distance Duration Pace Interval Type Shoes
6.0 Miles   Mizuno Wave Rider Navy