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aggressive treadmill split tempo

March 30, 2011 (Morning)

Exercise Type: Run

11a; WU treadmill
supposed to be 2*3mile @ 5:10-5:15 w/ 3:00rest.
actual - 4*1.5mile w/ 2:00rest, first 2 at 11.6mph (5:12), 3rd at 11.0mph (5:27), 4th starting at 11.0mph (5:27) descending to 12.5 (4:48)
CD outdoor, stretch, pushups, abs

Coach meant for this to be aggressive since it was based off a 31:00 10k. I might have been able to hold 11.6mph for 1*3mile, but covering the full prescribed 6mile tempo distance is more beneficial so I slowed down. still achieved a good workout. estimating on the "31:30" logged below.

left leg cramps on the cooldown.

Distance Duration Pace Interval Type Shoes
10.0 Miles 1:01:30
2.0 Miles 15:00 7:29 / Mile Warmup T6
6.0 Miles 31:30 5:15 / Mile Tempo T6
2.0 Miles 15:00 7:29 / Mile Cooldown T6