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Die Hard: With Avengence

December 26, 2008 (Afternoon)

Exercise Type: Run

Weather: sunny, pretty cool though

That seems to be the motto of my ankle tendonitis, it's back, and it's pretty excrutiating, especially on refrozen footprints in the snow. Didn't plan today's run very well, wanted to go up Table Rock, that much i knew, but for some reason when i was halfway up, i decided the other trail on the other side of the hill would be easier. It wasn't. Whereas the trail i had been on was nice, packed down but not too icy snow, the trail i decided to go up was longer, and had about 6 inches of completely fresh almost untouched snow which made it even harder to climb. My back was burning like no other on the way up, and i was barely moving, but kept up my shuffle for the whole climb up to the cross, so i'm at least proud of that. Got incredibly hungry the last mile or so (which hasn't happened in a while either, i guess since i'm actually running now). Tried to lift after but the gym was so crowded, i only did enough to realize that i'm very weak again.

Muni, greenbelt to Quarry View, Castle Rock trail up to Table Rock trail, then across the plateau to Table Rock Loop trail, up to the cross (stopped to take in the view, very beautiful, snow covered mountains everywhere, it was a great clear day), back down to the Rock Gardens, Tram Trail back down to the golf course, greenbelt back to Muni.

Distance Duration Pace Interval Type Shoes
9.0 Miles 1:17:00 8:33 / Mile   Mizuno WR11 ugo