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Bicentennial challenge: Drink 8

July 1, 2011 (Night)

Exercise Type: Other

Weather: Suite 434, Hampshire, XCFH

I honestly woke up this morning (Saturday morning) still piss drunk. I've been putting off counting how many can tabs I had in my pocket from Friday night because I didn't want to be disappointed. If I didn't have a good amount Friday night, I was done for. But there was no reason to be disappointed, as I had 20 PBRs. 6 or 8 (I forget) while watching Iron Man 2 in my village suite. Brett came and picked me up, thank you sir. Went to Hampshire, played 7th Saga, watched the WSox rock the Cubs, had a couple more. Apparently Brett needs a financial adviser. Went to the house for a mixture of Kan Jam, beer pong, and guitar hero. Counted up this morning for a total of 20 yesterday.

I just have to get this run. Apparently I fell while trying to leap to catch a kan jam disc. my right elbow and right hip aren't doing too hot. but honestly, the only wear on my legs at this point is my right shin feels a little tender, moreso then normal 100 mile soreness. Good thing I just need 21 miles the next two days.

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20.0 Miles Training