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Montgomery Invite

January 10, 2009 (Morning)

Exercise Type: Run

Weather: indoors

1600- 4:30
Very good race, feels good to finally PR again. Nervous as balls before the race and it went out slower than I anticipated (67) so after 3 laps decided it was time to make a move. Passed 800 in 2:16 and then just started really moving in order to catch welday and take the pace. Immediately started to feel my move after I took the lead, and 400 left just tried not to die. Negative split, not my favorite way to run it, but good anyways. 67, 69, 67, 67. Weird splits :P

800- 2:03.5
Meh, okay, calves really hurt and nobody to pace off of. Gotta learn to pace myself fully in an 800. Wasn't that dead afterwords, recovered too quickly.

Distance Duration Pace Interval Type Shoes
6.8 Miles 6:33
3.0 Miles Warmup Adrenaline GTS 8 #4
1.0 Miles 4:30 4:30 / Mile   Adrenaline GTS 8 #4
0.5 Miles 2:03 4:06 / Mile   Adrenaline GTS 8 #4
2.3 Miles Cooldown Adrenaline GTS 8 #4