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Last Track to Philly

January 31, 2009 (Morning)

Exercise Type: Run

Weather: indoors

Woke up with that really sore feeling in my legs, so pretty good meet considering the heavy workload week.

DMR 1600- 4:30.7
Didn't warm up too much and wasn't really looking to run too fast so when I saw that I was gonna get the baton with zach sullivan i was like "oh shit". Legs didn't feel too fresh but basically stayed a step behind him the whole race, going 64, 66 (2:10), 71, 69 (2:20). Psyched to run a real, more even mile. If I heard splits I probably would've pushed the last 2 laps more but oh well.

SMR 800- 2:01.7
Really sore and tired before the race so this was definitely a best-case scenario. Got the baton with escobar who just stayed a step in front of me the whole race. Didn't really have any acceleration, tried to move up but couldn't on the 3rd lap.

Distance Duration Pace Interval Type Shoes
7.25 Miles 6:31
2.25 Miles Warmup Adrenaline GTS 9
1.0 Miles 4:30 4:30 / Mile   Nike Milers
0.5 Miles 2:01 4:02 / Mile   Nike Milers
3.5 Miles Cooldown Adrenaline GTS 9