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AJ Everhart Invite

September 26, 2009 (Morning)

Exercise Type: Run

Weather: windy and cool, kinda wet

Pretty hilly course, small 50m hill, then two down and backs into a cornfield with a 600-800m hill back up which was awful. Went into the race blind, knowing nothing about anyone, although did see some fast looking guy warming up pretty quick. Sure enough, the guy goes out in first, so i tuck in and and hang on his tail. First mile feels pretty good, alex and ishan caught up by 1.25 or so. Dropped the guy first time up the hill, then just tried to stay onto alex as long as possible; he dropped me going back down the hill in the cornfield. Last time up the hill was very very hard, but brought it in nice and picked it up with 300m left. Great to get this sort of effort in after so long, puts me in good position for octoberfest!

Distance Duration Pace Interval Type Shoes
9.55 Miles 1:08:40
2.2 Miles 18:00 8:10 / Mile Warmup  
3.1 Miles 16:40 5:22 / Mile   Ireland XC Milers
4.25 Miles 34:00 8:00 / Mile Cooldown