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Prep Classic

October 17, 2009 (Morning)

Exercise Type: Run


Decent race, albeit very ridiculous. Got out well into top 15 in first 100, kept that for a while until alex caught up 1000 in. Pack started to go on the flat fields, hung on the back pretty well. On the golf course the pack started to go a little bit, but didn't really let up too much. Second time on the backfields pace picked up again, but hung with ledder up until the last 200 where he unleashed. Good kick, held off a charging pack. Definitely had more left in the tank but hey, who didn't. 8th place, TEAM WON. 4x55 striders on the indoor track after cooldown.

Distance Duration Pace Interval Type Shoes
8.64 Miles 1:02:08
2.8 Miles 23:12 8:17 / Mile Warmup Adrenaline 9 #4
3.1 Miles 17:22 5:36 / Mile   Ireland XC Milers
220.0 Meters 0:34 4:08 / Mile   Adrenaline 9 #4
2.6 Miles 21:00 8:04 / Mile Cooldown Adrenaline 9 #4