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February 23, 2010 (Morning)

Exercise Type: Run

Weather: really hot in the sportsplex

Last high school race in the sportsplex, really nervous leading up to the race but then surprisingly calm once things got going with the warmup. Took control from the beginning, going 31 high, 64, and then decided to just keep it from there. Eased up a little on the second quarter (68, 2:12), but picked it up on the 5th lap. Started to feel it on the 6th lap, through 1200 in 3:17, and started to hurt on the 7th lap. Rever passed me with 250 to go and I thought I was screwed, but didn't let up and saw that I was gaining on him on the backstretch. Closed in 64. Don't think I could've done anything differently :)

Distance Duration Pace Interval Type Shoes
5.19 Miles 38:06
1.5 Miles 12:00 7:59 / Mile Warmup Adrenaline 10
1600.0 Meters 4:21 4:22 / Mile Race Nike Zoom Victory
0.75 Miles 5:45 7:39 / Mile Cruise Adrenaline 10
1.95 Miles 16:00 8:12 / Mile Cooldown Adrenaline 10